Sprinkler System Cost Breakdown: What to Expect?

When it comes to designing and installing professional sprinkler systems, the question we always hear from customers is, “how much does it cost to install a lawn sprinkler system?”. Many homeowners perceive the cost of in-ground sprinklers to be high. Some may even assume that irrigation installation cost is simply out of their budget—even if they’ve never received an in-person quote to determine the exact cost of in-ground sprinklers for their property.

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Sprinkler System Cost Guide for Toronto and GTA in 2023

Table of Contents - 2023 Updated

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Determining Sprinkler System Costs

How is the Sprinkler System Cost Determined?

Every lawn is different, which makes coming up with an exact sprinkler installation cost pretty much impossible without seeing your yard first. The best way to determine a sprinkler system cost for your property is to schedule a free, no-obligation lawn audit with an irrigation specialist from GTA Irrigation and Lighting. You can also learn more about what contributes to the irrigation installation cost so you can set realistic expectations and ask smarter questions during your lawn audit.

Some of the most common contributors to the outdoor sprinkler system cost are:
sprinkler system costs per zone

How Much Does a Sprinkler System Cost Per Zone?

In the Greater Toronto Area, the average irrigation installation cost per zone usually starts around $500, with most homes ranging between 4 to 7 zones. However, it’s imperative to understand that the number of zones your property will have (and what each zone will cost) will vary greatly—and isn’t determined by the size of your lot alone. Just because you have a large property doesn’t mean your cost will be through the roof, and equally, if you live on a small lot doesn’t mean your entire system will only cost you $500.

Zones are determined by a mix of size and the individual watering needs of your lawns. For instance, a patch of grass that spends most of the day in the shade may have different watering needs than turf that is continuously exposed to direct sunlight. Similarly, a vegetable garden will require different nourishment than shrubs marking your property line. Overall, zoning allows your irrigation experts to design a perfect system that will keep your lawn, gardens, trees, and other vegetation growing healthy and strong.

Typical Sprinkler System Cost Installation Requirements

When determining price, it’s also essential to look at the various options you have for each piece of your system. Add-ons and upgrades can all alter your sprinkler irrigation cost.

Some of the main components of a sprinkler system cost include:

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Other Sprinkler System Costs to Consider

The cost of in-ground sprinklers doesn’t stop at installation. Upkeep, repairs, maintenance, and water costs associated with your system should be considered as well.

Seasonal Operating Costs

A Regular Maintenance Program

Keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently requires proper maintenance. At the minimum, you should have two professional visits per year: a spring start-up and a fall winterization.

The spring start-up checks the functioning of the system, looks for any damage that may have occurred over the winter, and tests for proper water flow. The fall closing winterizes your system by clearing water out of the system, shutting down machines, and ensuring that nothing becomes frozen or vulnerable to the cold Toronto winter weather.

Depending on your system, you may want more than just closing and opening, which is why we offer various maintenance programs to choose from that range from 2 to 12 visits per season. Contact us Today for a Free Consultation and we will help you determine the ideal maintenance program for your irrigation.

Keeping your irrigation system running smoothly and efficiently requires proper maintenance. At the minimum, you should have two professional visits per year: a spring start-up and a fall closing. This will help save you repair and operational costs in the long run.

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