How An Irrigation System Uses Water

Managing the water usage of irrigation systems is a delicate process. Grass and gardens require sufficient water to stay healthy, hydrated, and growing. However, too much water or other bad watering practices could also lead to big problems. Learn more about the basics of lawn irrigation and how you can play a part in reducing water waste while still growing a green lawn.

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How an Irrigation System Uses Water

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Water Usage Irrigation

How Much Water is Used for Lawn Irrigation?

To properly water 93 square meters of lawn, you would need about 2,500 liters of water per week. However, one of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their lawn is watering it for too long and too often, meaning that the average weekly garden water usage of irrigation systems per household could be unnecessarily high.

Just across the border, our neighbors use nearly 9 billion gallons of water every day to water their lawns and landscape. Canada is only a water hose behind in our water practices, meaning that we can expect to be using a similar volume of water for our lawn irrigation needs.

One of the most common mistakes people make when caring for their lawn is watering it for too long and too often

water wasted irrigation

How Much Water is Wasted on Lawns?

While lawn irrigation is necessary to maintain healthy, thriving lawns and gardens, research has shown that how much water watering the lawn uses could be much higher than what’s needed. Nearly half of the water used for lawn irrigation, whether by hand or through inadequate irrigation systems, is overkill and considered wasteful.

Water is most commonly wasted by people using manual watering methods that aren’t measured or controlled. However, you could also be wasting water if you are watering at the wrong time of day, aren’t properly maintaining your sprinkler system, or don’t have a water sensor that accounts for rainfall in its watering schedule.
How Long Can Grass Go Without Water

How Long Can Grass Go Without Water?

When it comes to droughts or water rationing, the same question reappears, “how much water does a lawn require to survive?” Depending on your type of grass and other conditions, your lawn could last up to four weeks without water. Anything beyond that timeframe could result in permanent damage. Any early sign that your grass has become dehydrated is whether or not it springs back after walking on it. Thirsty lawns will have imprints from your feet, whereas healthy blades of grass will quickly bounce back. You can also dig 6 to 12 inches below your lawn’s surface to determine whether the soil is moist or dry and crumbling.

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Irrigation Water Quality

Does the Quality of Irrigation Water Matter?

Water, a seemingly-simple liquid, is actually a lot more complicated than you might think (especially when it comes to lawns). The quality of the water you use to soak your grass could play a role in growth, resiliency, damage, and more. Some of the most common water quality problems people find when watering their lawns with alternative water sources are high salinity, reduced water infiltration rate, and high concentration of specific ion toxicities. Still, with roughly 70 percent of the world’s freshwater is being used only for irrigation purposes, finding quality water alternatives continues to be a growing priority in the irrigation industry.

Intelligent Irrigation Systems

Using an Intelligent Irrigation System Saves Water (and Costs!)

An intelligent irrigation system is an automated system that measures moisture levels in your soil and provides your lawn and garden with precisely the amount of water it needs—never too much, never too little. Adding in things like rain sensors can also help to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your irrigation system. Bad watering practices are a drain on our natural water resources (and our monthly water bills). Smart lawn irrigation keeps your lawn strong and healthy while curbing water waste and lowering utility bills. Studies have shown that using professional advanced water-efficient irrigation practices could reduce water consumption by 15 percent, or up to 9,000 gallons each year.

At GTA Irrigation & Lighting, our pro irrigation services and intelligent irrigation systems can help you design, install, and maintain an efficient, eco-friendly irrigation system for your lawn and garden. Together, we’ll protect precious water resources while also growing beautiful, resilient lawns.

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