Conserving Water in Your Yard This Summer

Summertime is finally here in Toronto, and with only a few short months of sunshine and heat, residents everywhere are firing up the barbeques, filling their swimming pools, and planting their gardens. But, have you stopped to consider how much water that all takes? Conserving water this summer with simple, easy changes can make a big, positive impact on the environment (and your wallet).

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Conserving Water This Summer

On average, Toronto residents see about a 20 percent jump in their water usage each summer—pair that with more hanging out at home this year, and your water bill might just surprise you. Obviously, hotter weather comes with specific needs that we simply don’t have in the winter, like thirstier lawns, dryer garden beds, and cooling off with sprinklers, pools, and water games.

Spring and summer is also the season to work on exterior projects, clean up dirty patios and siding, power wash items, scrub down the car, and wash the family dog. Fortunately, practicing good water conservation doesn’t have to come at the cost of any of those activities. While our water use might grow in the summer, so do the opportunities to save it. See what conserving water might do for you.

How to Conserve Water in Your Yard

Conserving water doesn’t haven’t to be complicated. Here are eight simple ways to conserve water that will keep your carbon footprint as green as your lawn.

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