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Book Your Sprinkler System Winterization Before October 15th. Service pricing starting at $99.99.

To protect your system, you’ll need to completely clear your lines of any water and turn off essential mechanisms before the first hard freeze.

When you live in a notoriously cold area like the Greater Toronto Area, it is essential to winterize your irrigation system properly. Failing to winterize correctly can lead to burst pipes, loosened or broken fittings, and damaged mechanical components. Winterizing sprinkler systems requires more than simply shutting them off.
Book Your Sprinkler System Winterization Before October 15th. Service pricing starting at $99.99.
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Sprinkler System Winterization

Intelligent Sprinkler Management starts with experienced and knowledgeable professionals

While it is possible to winterize your sprinklers on your own successfully most people with sprinkler systems choose to rely on professionals to ensure that their system is ready for the cold season. Professional winterization of your sprinkler system gives you peace of mind that it is completely clear of water and that everything from the controller to the sprinkler head is protected from the frosty winter weather.
If you have the right tools, some good handyman skills, and follow instructions carefully, you can clear the lines of the sprinkler system on your own. However, before you take on the task, you should also be aware of some common mistakes do-it-yourselfer’s make when trying this for the first time.
Book Your Sprinkler System Winterization Before October 15th. Service pricing starting at $99.99.

Our Customers Say...

Provided top-notch service for my irrigation system Fall shut-down: prompt, professional, courteous, and even helped trouble shoot a related issue…all with a smile. It was a pleasure to see such high calibre service. My highest compliments!
— Michael Haffner
We want to thank the team for such a great job on installing our new sprinkler system. Their professionalism was impeccable and flawless. Thanks for the great work.
— Joseph Colavita
We could not be more thrilled with the service provided this past spring and summer. We have been asked if our back lawn has been “painted” because it is so green! Good for a laugh, but, with your help we have achieved a lawn to be proud of and show off to our friends and family.

— Wanda & Brian Lawrenson

I had GTA put in an underground irrigation system in my front lawn. I have never regretted that decision and my lawn has looked fantastic ever since. The work was done professionally by very knowledgeable and pleasant people. I highly recommend them.
— Anne Clark
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Lawn Irrigation System Repair
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Common irrigation system repairs include:

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Lawn Irrigation Maintenance Programs
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With our maintenance programs, you can expect:

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  • Fall winterization service
  • Cleaning irrigation filters
Book Your Sprinkler System Winterization Before October 15th. Service pricing starting at $99.99.

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