Modern Outdoor Lighting – 7 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors More

When the warmer months hit Toronto and the worry of snow and below-freezing temperatures melt away, it can be hard to go back inside at nightfall. Thankfully, keeping those summer nights alive and enjoying your outdoor space longer is as easy as installing modern outdoor lighting in and around your gardens, patio, pool, walkways, and other outdoor spaces. You may find that your new lighting will even warm-up those chilly Fall evenings, helping you enjoy the outdoors even longer.

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Here are seven tips for extending your outdoor living spaces with beautiful and practical modern outdoor lighting

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Modern Outdoor Lighting Gazebo

Modern Outdoor Lighting

7 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors More

#1 - Section Off Your Living Spaces

The first step in your home outdoor lighting design is determining how you’ll use your outdoor areas. Understanding what you want from each space will help you determine what you will need to put in each space. For example, pool and party areas may call for extra lighting, whereas small garden getaways and cozy corners are best adorned with subtle, relaxed lighting for late-night chats and romantic movie nights.

Modern Pathway Lighting

#2 - Create Safe Walking Paths

Contemporary outdoor path lighting can spruce up any home’s nighttime experience, but, more importantly, it also makes it easier and safer to walk along those stone paths and steps at night. You should pay close attention to tripping hazards, like garden borders, retaining walls, sharp turns, or steps. Stone wall lighting can beautifully illuminate these objects, and outdoor under handrail lighting can show guests where to reach for support.

Modern Up Lighting

#3 - Know The Up’s And Down’s

The direction of your lighting can play a big role in the functionality and the aesthetics of your home outdoor lighting design. Up lighting (lights that are tilted upwards) are great for highlighting features and creating dramatics, and down lighting (lights facing toward the ground) are typically used to create safe, visible walking paths and soft ambiances.

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modern lighting

#4 - Mix And Match Fixtures

You don’t have to stick to just one or two lighting options. Installing various styles of lighting not only helps increase the functionality of your home’s outdoor space, but can also transform your backyard from average to elegant. Switching out styles, sizes, and positions, and adding decorative extras like floor lanterns and string lights can all create a cozy, stylish space.
mordern pool lighting

#5 - Light Up The Pool

Jumping in the pool midday is a great way to shake the heat of the summer, but a late-night dip can be just as refreshing. Carry your pool party into the later hours by installing custom-designed landscape lighting for your pool area. Add dimmable, color-changing lights inside your pool, around lounge areas, and along paths to your home or pool house for safe swimming. If you have a jacuzzi or heat your pool in the winter, you should make sure your lights will work well in the snow as well.
smart outdoor lighting

#6 - Take Control of Modern Outdoor Lighting Technology

Smart outdoor home lights can drastically change the appearance of your home, but it’s the technology that gives you control to create endless light combinations to match whatever mood you want. Incorporating a Luxor® System with your professional light installation allows you to control and change the colour of your lights, adjust dimming settings, and individually control different zones, all from your smartphone.

professional outdoor lighting

#7 - Call The Professionals for a Quality Finish

Finally, if you’re looking for a luxurious, professional finish, it’s best to call in an experienced team of lighting experts. At GTA Irrigation & Lighting, we have helped countless Toronto-area home and business owners design their very own modern outdoor lighting. We’ll walk you through every step of the process and illuminate your outdoor landscape lighting dreams.

GTA Irrigation & Lighting can help you design the perfect outdoor lighting system for your home. With modern outdoor lighting, your home will shine bright long into the evenings providing you with extended hours to enjoy you beautiful outdoor spaces. Contact our lighting team today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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