Irrigation Blowout Winterization Season in Toronto and GTA 2023

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Irrigation Blowout Winterization Season in Toronto and GTA 2023

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Irrigation System Blowout Season and Why It's Important

Don’t let your sprinklers freeze this winter in 2023. Read our team’s article from GTA Irrigation and Lighting. With a little knowledge and some preventative measures, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded damage of the irrigation system freeze.
Winter is coming and investing in the proper maintenance of your sprinkler system this fall of 2023 will conserve it in good condition for next season.

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Why is a Professional Irrigation Blowout Important Before Winter 2023

Isn’t it ironic that water is the most common cause of irrigation system failure? This is obviously not water in its liquid state, but rather the frozen kind; ice. Turning off the water and setting the controller to the off position on your irrigation timer may seem like reasonably enough to pause your irrigation system for winter season, however you will soon come to realize that is only the beginning. In Toronto and GTA, the winters are quite cold enough that a proper irrigation blowout needs to be administered each autumn season in order to prevent unneeded damages to your sprinkler system.

If you have been using an irrigation system for many years on your property, you know how important blowing out irrigation is during the autumn fall before the start of cold Canadian winters. You may have even come across the dreaded irrigation freeze damages at some point if you forgot to blowout your irrigation system or failed to do a proper blowout. An irrigation freeze may cause significant damages to the overall state of your property. Take the guess work out of the equation, and hire us GTA Irrigation and Lighting to do a professional irrigation blowout for your sprinkler system this coming fall of 2023. Contact us for a free irrigation blowout quote.

irrigation blowout
importance of irrigation blowout
If you are a new owner of an irrigation system on your commercial or residential property, then you will want to read the rest of this article to gain full grasp on the importance of seasonal irrigation blowout. Irrigation blowout season is the time of year when irrigation systems are winterized to protect them from freezing temperatures. During this time, all the water is drained from the system and any remaining moisture is blown out with compressed air. This process is essential for preventing damage to your irrigation system, as well as from preventing any further damage to the rest of your property. Irrigation blowout season typically runs from mid-October to mid-November, so if you live in an area with cold winters, be sure to schedule your appointment early. Contact GTA Irrigation and Lighting to book a fast and efficient irrigation system winter blowout service in Toronto and GTA.

What are the dangers of not blowing out an irrigation system before the winter?

An irrigation blowout is the process of removing all water from an irrigation system before winter in order to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.
Without an irrigation blowout, water that is left in the system can freeze and expand, causing cracks and breaking of sprinkler pipes or irrigation components. In addition, frozen water can block irrigation lines, preventing water from flowing through the system. While it may be tempting to skip this step to save some money and time, in the long run, the consequences may be much more costly. Therefore, it is recommended that irrigation systems must be properly drained before winter arrives. Failure to do so can result in costly repairs and downtime for the system. A professional irrigation company can help you ensure that your system is properly blown out and ready for winter. At GTA Irrigation and Lighting we have done thousands of irrigation blowouts prior to winter for over 20 years in Toronto and GTA.

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How Can the Winter Season in Toronto and GTA Damage Your Irrigation System?

Every time an irrigation system runs, small drips of water remain in the irrigation pipes, valves heads, and some backflow even after the water has been turned off. When it starts warming up during the spring and summer season, there isn’t a risk of damage to your sprinkler system as long as the water isn’t leaking or puddling anywhere. However, during the winter – having leftover drips of water in the irrigation system is a whole different story. That same little bit of water can cause massive widespread damage to the irrigation system if it is not properly blown out during the fall winterization process. Freezing during winter and thawing come spring time of the leftover water shatters small delicate parts like nozzles and heads rendering them ineffective come spring time.

Frozen water / ice in the irrigation system will weaken the pipe walls during the winter. Initially, the system may run as expected, but then a random pipe break may occur somewhere under the lawn surface at any time during the season.
Possibly the worst kind of damage that may occur with frozen water in the irrigation system, that is if the irrigation system does not receive a proper irrigation blowout in the fall of 2023, is a broken water source pipe or a broken backflow. If a critical pipe has burst and refroze, then your basement or lower ground space can flood and freeze, causing costly damage to your property. So much damage can be fully avoided by scheduling a standard irrigation blowout service in Toronto and GTA. At GTA Irrigation and Lighting, our winterization irrigation blowout rates are among the lowest in Toronto and GTA in 2023. For a low cost of professional irrigation blowout during the fall, you will save yourself unneeded costly damages, and save time. We work efficiently and effectively. Simply schedule a single winterization irrigation blowout service this fall and have a peace of mind knowing that GTA Irrigation and Lighting will configure your irrigation system in proper safe mode for the winter hibernation season.

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How to Prevent Winter Ice Damage to Your Irrigation Sprinkler System in Toronto and GTA

In order to prevent unneeded damage to your irrigation system this winter, simply contact us GTA Irrigation and Lighting, and our professional irrigation crew will come to perform a professional irrigation blowout in order to properly winterize your irrigation system. Our friendly and experienced irrigation crew is here to protect your irrigation from the Canadian winter. We will first turn the water off at the mainline source. Then, we will use a powerful air compressor in order to blowout any leftover water in the irrigation system. We will blow out each irrigation zone one by one.
Once we determine that all of the irrigation zones have been blown out, and there is no water not even a droplet of water left in the irrigation system, only then will we set the controller to off position, and unplug it from the direct power source if needed. If you would like some extra insurance from any potential damages, we can also disconnect your backflow for the winter season, and reconnect it during the sprinkler turn-on service in the spring season.
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When Should You Have an Irrigation System Blowout Done in Toronto and GTA in 2023?

In Toronto and GTA, a good target date to have your irrigation system winterized and your irrigation system blowout performed is by the Toronto Maple Leafs Home Opener Game which happens usually around mid-October 2023.
Check your area’s historical first freeze dates and make sure you have the service performed before that date.

If you are ready to have your irrigation system professionally blown out and winterized, please contact us today and we will schedule one of our irrigation professionals to service your property. We service Toronto and GTA.

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