6 Timeless Staycation Ideas for Summer

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be boring. With the right set-up and a little bit of creativity, you can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate backyard oasis this summer—and if you’re short on inspiration, no worries. We’ll share backyard oasis ideas and design tips that will turn your boring backyard space into the ultimate at-home vacation destination.

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Backyard Staycation Ideas

Backyard Camping Staycation

Backyard Camping

Getting into the great outdoors doesn’t have to mean long, elaborate road trips. You can have some family fun right in your own backyard. Plus, it’s an excellent way to test out your nature skills and make sure your equipment is up to par before heading out into nature.

Candlelight Dinner

Dim the lights, spark a few candles, and prepare your favorite meal because garden-side dinners are going to be your new favourite date night activity. Enjoying the sounds of nature, the refreshingly cool night breeze, and the freedom from distractions will turn your patio set into the ultimate couple’s retreat where you can disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other. Be sure to adjust your landscape lighting for the perfect amount of dim.
Backyard Candlelight Staycation
Backyard Pool Staycation

Poolside Pina Coladas

If you’re itching for a tropical getaway but are stuck in the pine-tree landscapes of Canada, you can recreate the resort vibe right in your backyard with a little bit of imagination and proper preparation. Pack your beach bag with the necessities—sunblock, beach towel, trashy novel, sunhat, shades, and that adorable cover-up—then break out the blender for your favorite frozen drink recipe. And if the Pina Coladas have you going past sundown, just switch on your landscape lighting for more poolside fun.

Outdoor Cinema Night

Love the movies? Give your backyard an outdoor drive-in kind of vibe on a budget with a DIY white screen, a low-cost projector, and Bluetooth speakers. Complete the mood by creating a comfortable seating arrangement, popping fresh popcorn, and stocking up on the snacks. Adjusting your landscape lighting to tone down your down lights and brighten your up lights will also help to recreate the drama of the theatre.
backyard cinema staycation
Backyard Picnic Staycation

Backyard Picnics

Something as simple as heading outdoors and sprawling across a cozy throw blanket can really spruce up your lunchtime routine. To prepare for a picnic, grab your favorite blanket (and maybe a few comfy pillows) and choose a relaxing spot in the shade. For food, simple arrangements are better. Prepare light sandwiches, a yummy cheese board, and pre-cut fruit for a grazeable meal. And if you want to make the picnic romantic, plan your picnic for the later hours and use your outdoor landscaping to set the mood (and make it easier to see what you’re eating).

Lazy Reading Sessions

If your trips are usually all about relaxation, bring that into your backyard space. Create a cozy reading nook or hangout area by stringing some hammocks along your tree line or dedicating a space to comfortable seating. Add in lots of pillows and blankets for comfort and install lighting that will allow you to enjoy the area at any time of the day (or night).
Backyard Reading Space

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Prepping Your Back Yard For A Staycation

If your backyard is still lackluster (even after a bit of creativity), you may want to invest a little bit of time and money into it. The good news is, with all the money and time you’ll be saving on those pricey flights and hotel stays, it’ll be easier to dedicate a little bit of your budget to sprucing up your outdoor areas.
When prepping your yard for a summer full of backyard staycations be sure to focus on these main elements

Pro Tip: Section your lighting system so that you can control the mood in individual spaces. For instance, darkening your pool and brightening your outdoor dining room will create a natural pull for you to enjoy the space.

Let us help you with your backyard oasis
It’s easy to be lured by the seductiveness of unknown, exotic locations. But, when it comes to creating sustainable enjoyment, invest your vacation budget into creating an outdoor space you’ll want to retreat to everyday. At GTA Irrigation & Lighting, we know how to add dimension to your landscape and create spaces you can use all night long.
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