4 Best Irrigation System Benefits for Homes

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Top 4 Irrigation System Benefits

irrigation system benefits

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Top 4 Irrigation System Benefits for Homes in Toronto & GTA

Irrigation System Benefits

Having a professionally installed irrigation system benefits you in many ways. There are many benefits of efficient irrigation system, and in this article we will focus on the top 4 benefits of efficient residential irrigation in Toronto and GTA. A properly installed residential efficient irrigation is a fine tuned sprinkler system that disperses an equal amount of water throughout its targeted area on the lawn. This equal water dispersion hydrates the lawn and all of its’ grass, plants and flowers equally, which aids the lawn in consistent and even growth.  

Top 4 Irrigation System Benefits

In this article we will focus on these following 4 benefits of efficient irrigation in more detail:

  • Improve Lawn Growth
  • Save Time
  • Save Water
  • Save Money

Irrigation System Benefits: Improve Lawn Growth

An efficient irrigation system makes lawn growth simple and easy, because once it is installed and setup, it can be controlled through your phone and consecutively through your irrigation timer system that comes with the sprinkler installation. Having the irrigation control and timer settings on your phone will save you a lot of time, because you are always in control of your irrigation system even if you aren’t home. Because the water irrigation system sprays your lawn evenly and efficiently, it will save you water. The irrigation system sprays your lawn with only the amount of water needed as based on the lawn needs and irrigation settings, which your irrigation specialist will help you calculate.  

Irrigation System Benefits: Improve Lawn Growth

Most homeowners that take care of their lawn will agree that it is much more efficient and easier to improve lawn growth, when you have a professional quality installed irrigation system in your yard and lawn. The reason why an efficient irrigation system improves lawn growth is very simple, it is because it produces a consistent and even watering schedule customized for your lawn, yard and garden. An efficient irrigation system will disperse water evenly throughout its designated areas on your lawn and garden, this means that all of your grass and plants will get an even amount of water consistently and will all grow similarly. A consistent watering schedule that is done at optimal watering times reaps the most lawn growth. Optimal watering times can be as late as 10pm at night or as early as 3am in the morning, all dependent on your lawn and garden needs. We have over 20 years of lawn care and irrigation experience, so one of our irrigation specialists will be more than happy to help you determine the most optimal watering times for your lawn and garden watering needs.

Irrigation System Benefits: Save Time

Save time with a professional efficient irrigation system installation in Toronto & GTA.
An efficient irrigation system is an automatic process which happens without needing any additional labour, besides a few button clicks on your phone or the irrigation timer system from time to time. Even then, once your irrigation technician from GTAIL in Toronto & GTA has installed and configured your irrigation system schedule for your lawn needs, it can run on automatically on its own without any help. Once your irrigation timer is setup, it will run on time efficiently all season long. Your irrigation technician will also maintain and fix your irrigation system timer if needed during a regular maintenance inspection such as during the winter blowout or spring start-up. So you can go about your daily life, and have your lawn watered “magically” on schedule without any stress knowing that you are wasting no time on watering your lawn and garden in Toronto & GTA.

Irrigation System Benefits: Save Water

An efficient irrigation system will on average save more water than watering by hand, because it disperses an equal amount of water evenly throughout the watering zones, and it does not waste any more water than the prescribed amount. This means that you will never waste any water. With a professional efficient irrigation system you will only use the amount of water needed to efficiently and economically grow your grass plants and flowers on your lawn and garden in Toronto & GTA.
So you can install an efficient irrigation system with us and grow your lawn and garden all while knowing that you do not waste any water. An efficient irrigation system is good for the lawn and helps save on water.

An Irrigation System Saves on Water

Since the efficient irrigation system uses only the amount of water it needs and not any more, you will never spray more water than required, meaning you will never waste any water. In fact, on average with an efficient irrigation system you will save water. The more water you save the more money you also save. You also save money with an efficient irrigation system because it does not take much energy, and it removes labour.

Irrigation System Benefits: Save Money

An efficient irrigation system helps you save money in the following ways; you do not waste water and use it efficiently, and therefore you save on water bills. Also, because the efficient irrigation system is automatic, you do not need any extra labour to have the irrigation system water your lawn and garden consistently. You do not have to spend your precious time watering your lawn, and you do not need to hire anyone else to water your lawn and garden. In a busy region like Toronto & GTA, time is precious and expensive, therefore when you use an irrigation system to water your lawn you are saving money because you are saving your time. So an irrigation system installation can be viewed as a long term investment. 

Irrigation System Benefits in Toronto and GTA

In conclusion, these benefits are all respectably equally great reasons for installing an irrigation system for your lawn, backyard and garden in Toronto & GTA. Their value depends on what is most important to you. Improve Lawn Growth, Save Time, Save Water, and Save Money all with a professional efficient irrigation system installation. Contact us GTA Irrigation and Lighting for a FREE irrigation system consultation.

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